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What Do You Put On A Bathtub Caddy?

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A bathtub caddy is one of the easiest ways to update your bathroom.

Also known as bathtub trays, these items are an easy way to add storage space so you don’t have to disrupt your pampering experience trying to reach for necessary items.

What Do You Put On A Bathtub Caddy?
Courtesy: HM Home

Designed to rest across your tub and give you space for everything you could possibly need or want on hand, a bathtub caddy is exactly what you need to soak away.

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Choosing a Bathtub Caddy

Bathtub caddies come in so many designs and your pick will determine what it can hold.

What Do You Put On A Bathtub Caddy?
Courtesy: Hafeedzarahman
  • If you’d like to enjoy a spa luxury bath with a glass of wine and a book, choose one that is built with that in mind.

For instance, one that features two-side trays with accessory slots including a wine glass slot, a cell phone tray, candle or cup slot, and book/tablet holder to give you a 5-star hotel relaxation in the comfort of your home.

A bathtub caddy designed with multiple slots, holders, handles, and trays allows for safer access to the things you use most during your bath while also reducing the risk of items falling into the water.

  • Also, choose a waterproof and mildew-resistant bathroom caddy so it is durable.

Bamboo is a perfect material for a bath caddy tray. It makes sturdy, high-quality, waterproof, durable caddies and when covered with a thin protective coat of waterproof varnish, it maximizes water durability.

What Do You Put On A Bathtub Caddy?
Courtesy: HM Home

A stainless steel bathtub caddy is another alternative instead of cheap iron and chrome caddies which tend to rust over time.

To ensure your stainless steel caddy looks polished, clean it with soap, mild detergents, or ammonia solution in warm water and applied with a soft cloth or nylon sponge followed by a clean water rinse.

  • Choose a bathtub caddy with non-slip pads to prevent the bathtub tray from sliding.

What Do You Put On A Bathtub Caddy?

Ready to upgrade your bathroom for a more spa-like experience?

Grab a sleek and modern bathtub caddy that is the perfect addition to any luxurious bathtime and scroll to know what you can put on your bathtub caddy.

1. Your Face Towel

What Do You Put On A Bathtub Caddy?
Courtesy: HM Home

Store folded face cloths and hand towels on your bamboo bathtub caddy to keep them close at hand.

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2. Bath Salts

A sprinkle here. A sprinkle there. If you love a relaxing spa night, odds are you probably have a pack of bath salts hiding in a drawer somewhere. 

Put them on a nice bowl and display them over your caddy so you can quickly season your bathwater with salt.

3. A Bath Bomb

What Do You Put On A Bathtub Caddy?
Courtesy: Hafeedzarahman

Deliciously fragrant and skin-soothing bath bombs are meant to create a pampering experience where you can relax before bedtime.

So, set up your favorite bath bomb on your caddy before throwing it into the tub and basking in fragrant heaven with the ultimate fizzy, bubbly & luxurious night in.

4. Your Bathing Products

What Do You Put On A Bathtub Caddy?
Courtesy: HM Home

Organize your bathtime ritual with a sturdy bathtub that provides a convenient shelf to hold all your bathtime essentials like shower gels, or oils.

5. Your Favorite Book

What Do You Put On A Bathtub Caddy?
Courtesy: Mista Mck

Soaking in while finishing up on your favorite book is just fantastic!

Just pick a caddy with a book holder wrapped in a water-resistant covering that is perfect for propping up magazines, novels, or even your tablet.

6. Netflix & Chill

What Do You Put On A Bathtub Caddy?
Courtesy: Idlivesimply

Would you want to enjoy a bubble bath and feel like you are in the movie? Your bathtub caddy can provide a slot for placing your tablet so you can Netflix and chill!

7. A Glass of Wine

What Do You Put On A Bathtub Caddy?
Courtesy: Zsazsa Home

Enjoy taking long baths while sipping your favorite wine with a bathtub caddy tray that provides a slot for your stemware. Sit back and make your baths feel so much more luxurious in no time

8. A Scented Candle

What Do You Put On A Bathtub Caddy?
Courtesy: Hafeedzarahman

To help spice up your bathroom retreat, the key is lighting and scent. That’s why scented candles are such essentials as they deliver on this requirement.

Grab a relaxing lavender-scented candle and display them on a bathtub tray caddy that includes everything you need for your spa experience: a wine glass slot, a candle/cup slot, a phone tray, and a book/gadget holder.

9. A Scalp Massager

What Do You Put On A Bathtub Caddy?
Courtesy: Joann Doan

While some scalp massagers are meant to be used on dry hair, they can still be in the shower or bath to offer a gentle alternative to scrubbing and exfoliating your scalp with your nails.

Enhance your pampering experience by massaging your head to relax your scalp muscles. Already done? Put it on your bathtub caddy.

10. A Bath Loofah

As part of a self-care routine, you probably have a few favorite products you love to take care of your skin and calm your mind. One of them could be your loofah.

After using it gently on your skin, put it on your bathtub caddy as you soak in before you can clean it later.

11. A Folded Towel

You can soak in style as you take a relaxing dip in your tub while sipping your favorite wine, and maybe meditate as your body towel awaits your use while hanging from the adjustable slide-out arms of your caddy.

12. A Body Brush

What Do You Put On A Bathtub Caddy?
Courtesy: Kristine Aj

The ritual of exfoliating with a bristled brush against dry skin–dry brushing–is a great way to leave your skin soft and smooth; and stimulate lymphatic drainage.

Do it on dry skin before showering or bathing and as you soak away in the tub, your body brush can sit on the bathtub caddy.

13. A Potted Plant

Keeping plants in the bathroom makes it easy to create a misty, indoor oasis. Put a potted plant on your bathtub caddy and let it enjoy moisture and happily live in the bathroom.

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What Do You Put On A Bathtub Caddy?
Courtesy: Studio McGee

Bath in complete relaxation with beautiful bathtub caddies. Keep your favorite book, a glass of wine, and a scented candle by your side while you take your warm baths and relax for hours in the tub.

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