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10 Ideas To Decorate Your Master Bathroom For That WOW Factor!

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How do take the interiors of your master bathroom to the next level? There isn’t one secret, but rather it’s about considering what every jaw-dropping master bathroom has and integrating those ideas into your own personal space.

But first, here are some basics…

What Is A Master Bathroom?

Also known as an en-suite, this is a private bathroom adjoining a master bedroom. It is wise to build a master bathroom in the master bedroom for convenience because it’s just too difficult for the house masters to share the bathroom with everyone in the entire house.

A master bathroom also adds to the value of the house and should have at least a shower or a bathtub if you have much space (or both), a toilet, and a sink of reasonable size.

What are People Looking for in a Master Bath?

10 Ideas To Decorate Your Master Bathroom For That WOW Factor!
Courtesy: Berg Interior

When people are buying a home, the master bathroom is highly sought after as a location for a private retreat. Therefore, key things that people look for in a master bathroom include:

  • A clean, neutral, calming ambiance.
  • Bigger showers with added features like multiple showerheads, built-in shower seating, and frameless glass enclosures. Steam showers are also extremely popular.
  • Freestanding soaker tubs. 
  • Heated floors for a spa-themed master bathroom. 
  • Upgraded fixtures. Think brushed nickel fixtures that add a classic elegance to the space and hands-free faucets.

Whether your master bath has all these features or not, we’ll help you decorate it for that WOW factor. You’ll always be looking forward to using this space!

How To Decorate Your Master Bathroom For A WOW Factor

Considering the fact that master bathrooms are among the largest bathrooms in a home that are strategically placed in comparison to all the other bathrooms, it becomes easy to add that WOW factor.

But you want to start with an identifiable style for easy decor decisions in such a large space.

That is, finding a recognizable design style such as the coastal-inspired look that is perfect for a larger luxury bathroom.

Once you’ve identified the style, each decision along the way becomes easier because you will base your decor around it ensuring all decor items are inspired by the style.

Now, let’s add decorate your master bathroom:

1. Start with a Consistent Color Scheme For Visual Continuity In A Large Bathroom

10 Ideas To Decorate Your Master Bathroom For That WOW Factor!
Courtesy: Balicka Design

In a large bathroom, there’s a fine line between living in a beautiful space and a jaw-dropping one. If you try too hard, it can look like you bathe in a showroom. But if you don’t put in enough effort—things can look unfinished.

So how do you do it right? Just limit the number of colors within your bathroom interiors, and use only neutral colors, which gives your master bathroom a calm air.

Color schemes are especially important in larger bathrooms, where the color interactions play out more dramatically. Avoid mixing different bold colors carelessly.

Instead, mix neutral colors subtly to ensure your space looks serene. This also ensures your bathroom doesn’t look like it lacks excitement.

A wide range of neutral tones— from beige to almost black—and a dynamic mix of tile sizes, shapes, and configurations combine with stunning decorative elements to make a bathroom design that invites the visitor to linger.

2. Make The Master Bath A Centerpiece

Making the bathing experience the centerpiece in a master bath is a surefire way to inject that WOW factor into any master bathroom.

A master bath is all about spa-like decadence! Go for the stunning freestanding tub positioned well to allow for a jaw-dropping view. This will allow for function to meet elegance, thereby making such a design statement you need in the bathroom!

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3. Install Just The Right Vanity

10 Ideas To Decorate Your Master Bathroom For That WOW Factor!
Courtesy: Berg Interior
10 Ideas To Decorate Your Master Bathroom For That WOW Factor!
Courtesy: AKD Designs

A stylish bathroom vanity spices up an incredibly sophisticated, upscale space. It also has abundant interior space for handily accessible storage so your bathroom is not cluttered.

4. Repeat Fixtures To Unify A Bathroom Design

Outfit a large, luxurious bathroom with a suite of matching cabinets to create a unified design and a fluid visual flow.

For instance, match stylish wooden cabinetry with the bathtub caddy, bamboo bath mat, and brown robes to make the bathroom even more special.

5. Divide A Large Bathroom Into Functional Areas

10 Ideas To Decorate Your Master Bathroom For That WOW Factor!
Courtesy: Balicka Design

Where your bathroom is large enough, consider dividing it into separate functional areas.

A divider wall in the form of shower screens, frosted glass, and stud walls in the master bathroom separates the bathing area from the sink and vanity.

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6. Rely On Windows To Light Large Bathrooms

10 Ideas To Decorate Your Master Bathroom For That WOW Factor!
Courtesy: Studio McGee

A light-soaked bathroom enjoys a wealth of bright open space and creates an area for pure relaxation—a common designation for large, luxurious master bathrooms.

Now, add furniture to your spacious bathroom to add function.

7. Make A Master Bath Pop With Small Accents

The marble surfaces, black floor, and frameless shower may grab most of the attention in the master bathroom, but the essential icing on the cake is the accents.

Stunning metal towel racks, handles, and light fixtures lend a counterpoint to all the neutrals used in the room. Modern, linear faucets and shiny chrome visual touches add much sass to the room.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match decorative accents for a more daring look in a master bathroom. This is an adventurous approach that can work well for the larger and more personal space of a dedicated bathroom.

So, feel free to use contrasts to drive the look and feel of the room. For instance, pair a crude, reclaimed wood vanity with an ultra-smooth solid-color wall. Then accent with elegant faucets in a brushed nickel finish.

Yet, the entire aesthetic comes together because competing elements are used in balance to create a pleasing visual tension.

8. Restrain Furnishings If Details Are Your Focus

10 Ideas To Decorate Your Master Bathroom For That WOW Factor!
Courtesy: Spa Ambiente

Don’t be afraid to let one or two signature features dominate the design of your master bathroom. This bathroom is an example of how an otherwise sedate and restrained design can showcase a distinctive decorative element.

The neutral color scheme and lack of detailing create a calm atmosphere, one that serves as a backdrop to an incredible stone wall surface behind the vanity.

9. Make an Impact with Lighting

This is honestly one of the easiest ways to elicit that audible gasp every time you enter the master bathroom.

From the moment you step into your bathroom, your vanity and fixture lighting becomes functional and emotional.

Start by layering your lighting – add a dramatic overhead chandelier for ambient lighting, vanity lights for task lighting during makeup application, and grooming then finish with accent lights in the form of shelf lighting, niche lighting, and under-cabinet lighting for that dramatic flair.

NOTE: for most master bathrooms, vanity lighting makes a statement when done well so go for bright lights that also won’t cast shadows, and add wall sconces for a dramatic flair.

Also, consider lighting along the length of your surfaces. For instance, if you have a long countertop, light along its length with a series of pendants or undercabinet lighting.

Make sure you place them well for uniform illumination and pick the right colors to fit the mood of your master bathroom and that particular surface.

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Design Tip…

In a large master bathroom, your light fixtures should feel as if they all work together. While they don’t need to match, they should coordinate stylistically, and the color temperature and quality of light should be consistent throughout.

10. Bring the Outside In

Set the scene for style from the very start by providing a jaw-dropping view of the outdoors if you’re blessed with the view! In this case, use glass walls so the outside view is uninterrupted.

Otherwise, consider greening your bathroom naturally. Plants in the master bath are a lovely visual addition to the space, creating softness and adding color, but also performing the dirty labor of cleaning toxins from the air.

How Do You Light A Bathroom Properly?
Courtesy: Tinao Raywhite

You can feature large floor plants including bamboo, aloe, and snake plants on bath stools, have beautiful pothos plants and other trailing plants hanging from the ceiling, or just build a living wall!

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Now, go ahead and decorate your master bathroom like a pro!