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10 Essential Shower Accessories To Upgrade Your Bathroom

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Most homes have more than a bathroom with at least a shower in it. Not only does a shower increase the resale value of your home but also brings about convenience. Nothing beats a shower when you need to wash up really quickly.

When you want to upgrade your bathroom, it’s as easy as installing some of these essential shower accessories. Scroll below to learn…

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10 Essential Shower Accessories To Upgrade Your Bathroom

If you’re planning a bathroom remodel, consider adding a few of these fabulous shower features.

These essential shower accessories will require a small investment, but the payoff is a more luxurious retreat you will never wait to get into:

Essential Shower Accessories To Upgrade Your Bathroom

1. The K-9245-BN Moxie Showerhead with Wireless Speaker

An invigorating shower can get the day off to a smart start, more so, when it is accompanied by soothing music.

The KOHLER Moxie Showerhead is getting popular since it is a great way to bring music to your shower so you can wash up while jamming to your favorite tracks with the wireless speaker attached to it.

Good thing, the speaker has 7 hours of battery life so it won’t die before you get out of the shower.

Essential Shower Accessories To Upgrade Your Bathroom

2. Or the Kohler 10″ Rainhead with Katalyst® air-induction technology, 2.5 GPM

Great showers lead to new things blossoming.

If you like to start your mornings with a powerful, thoroughly drenching overhead shower experience, this is the showerhead to install for that good cleanse.

It also injects a classy look to your bathroom since its durable finish coordinates with many other bathroom faucets and accessories.

Without a doubt, installing a new shower head is the quickest, and easiest way to make a significant change in your bathroom.

In addition to improving your shower, you can save water and cut into your bills or make a style upgrade. Here’s a guide to replacing your showerhead.

10 Essential Shower Accessories To Upgrade Your Bathroom

3. A Wall-Mounted Shower Bench

Looking to renovate your bathroom for improved functionality? Do you want to make the bathroom more accessible, safe, and comfortable?

You may have thought about installing a shower bench.

Even in a small bathroom or shower enclosure, a wall-mounted shower bench provides a footrest for leg-shaving, exfoliating, and foot scrubs.

It can also provide an extra surface for toiletries and more. More so, provide a sitting option, in cases of mobility issues or injuries.

This teak wood shower bench will last you long and still add a luxurious touch to your bathroom.

Essential Shower Accessories To Upgrade Your Bathroom

4. Or a Bamboo Shower Bench and Stool with Storage Shelf & Grab Bar

All at once elegant, functional, and safe, a shower stool is a more cost-effective choice when it comes to adding a sitting feature in their showers.

Crafted from 100% natural solid bamboo with waterproof quality, this shower stool is strong and durable, adding a delicate touch to your bathroom.

This humble stool can immensely improve your bathroom experience by offering a surface for your toiletries, towels, and more, thereby making your shower enclosure more convenient and the grab bars make it safer to use. 

Essential Shower Accessories To Upgrade Your Bathroom

5. A Shower Caddy

There is a shower caddy type for everyone’s shower depending on where you’d like to install it.

From an over-the-shower caddy, an over-the-shower door caddy, a pole-style caddy that fits into the corner, a wall-mounted suction caddy, a standing shower caddy, or a corner caddy.

With a shower caddy, you can keep all of your toiletries, shampoos, shower gels, face scrubs, and more in one place and free up space in your bathroom.

Essential Shower Accessories To Upgrade Your Bathroom

6. A Shower Hair Drain Catcher

If looking down and seeing a giant clump of hair on the shower drain sounds distinctly unappealing, I feel you.

Luckily, you can use a shower drain hair catcher to guard your shower stall drain against hair and other debris. 

The Gotega Hair Catcher comes in a pack of five so you won’t have to replace yours in the next month.

It is better for a smooth tile surface that is slightly domes, flat, or just open, preferably for a drain cover that’s less than 4.7*4.7 inches.

Essential Shower Accessories To Upgrade Your Bathroom

7. Frameless Glass Shower Door

To add that luxurious look to your bathroom, a glass shower door will prove needful.

In fact, it will influence your bathroom. These doors give bathrooms a more open and breezy atmosphere.

They also put a greater emphasis on your overall bathroom design choices.

For instance, you can attract emphasis to your marble tiles by using frameless shower doors instead of shower curtains.

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Essential Shower Accessories To Upgrade Your Bathroom

8. The Rejuvenate Shower Glass Door Cleaner 

Soap scum, water stains, and other mineral build-ups can collect on glass shower doors making a clean bathroom appear filthy and unpleasant.

Let’s admit it. The last thing you want to do after a pleasant shower is to scrub away soap scum.

But with a good glass cleaner like the Rejuvenate shower glass door cleaner, you can do this job and even keep future buildup at bay.

It is a bathtub cleaner and shower glass cleaner that can be used daily. Just spray, let it set a couple of minutes, and rinse for a clean finish!

This bleach-free soap scum remover is also multi-purpose giving you much value for your money in the bathroom. It can also be used on natural stone, plastic, chrome, porcelain ceramic tile, or bathtub cleaner.

Essential Shower Accessories To Upgrade Your Bathroom

9. A Shower Squeegee

A shower squeegee can effectively remove limescale and soap scum, keeping your shower glass doors shiny and clean with no streak left.

We recommend you squeegee your glass shower door after every single use. This will help avoid streaks and prevent the buildup of soap scum.

This multipurpose shower accessory can also be used to clean other surfaces including your bathroom windows, ceramic tiles, mirror, and more.

Essential Shower Accessories To Upgrade Your Bathroom

10. A Wall-mounted Soap Dish

As basic as it is, a soap dish is one of the must-have shower accessories. It will keep the soap dry, prevent it from softening, and prolong its life.

You can always add a soap saver to help your soap last longer.

In the shower, the best place to mount the soap dish is on the same wall as the showerhead so that it sits behind the shower spray rather than in it.

You can also acquire a bar soap holder that sits in the shower niche, holding your soap.

Just like in a lavish hotel bathroom, these shower accessories will encourage functionality, comfort, and relaxation, and make a great bathroom upgrade!