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How To Decorate A Large Bathroom Wall

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Beautiful walls make a statement and invite anyone into a room. While much attention is usually given to living room and bedroom walls, decorating bathroom walls is a sure way to inject personality into your bathroom.

How To Decorate A Large Bathroom Wall
Courtesy: Studio McGee

Since the bathroom is one of those areas in your house that you can’t avoid going to, it’s prudent to make it picture-perfect! More so, if your bathroom is large that the empty walls look too boring!

Good thing, there are a plethora of quick and cheap ways to decorate a large bathroom wall.

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Ideas To Decorate A Large Bathroom Wall

Whether you’re renovating, remodeling or simply decorating your bathroom, these ideas will help you get started:

1. A Boldly-Painted Wall

How To Decorate A Large Bathroom Wall
Courtesy: Spa_Ambiente

Want to bring a splash of color into your bathroom, but are afraid to take the plunge? Try an accent wall in a bold color—it’ll add a focal point to the space without overwhelming the whole space.

Beautify your accent wall with mirrors and wall-mounted cabinets to free your floor space.

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2. Wood Panelling

Accent walls can add lots of drama to your bathroom, and another great way to do this is by paneling your preferred wall.

How To Decorate A Large Bathroom Wall
Courtesy: Spa_Ambiente

While there are so many styles for wood paneling your bathroom walls, narrow ribbed or slat wood paneling is very sleek and adds dimension to your space. What an elegant way to decorate a large bathroom wall!

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3. A Tile-Accented Wall

How To Decorate A Large Bathroom Wall
Courtesy: Spa_Ambiente

You can also easily create an incredible accent wall with tiles.

Tile offers a stylish, textural alternative to paint or wallpaper and tiled accent walls can completely transform a room by adding bold color and added dimension.

Your tiled accent wall can serve as a focal point or as a backdrop that highlights an individual element such as a wall-mounted vanity or freestanding bathtub.

4. Try Wainscotting

Also known as beadboard, wainscoting is a great alternative to bathroom tiles and involves installing panels as a decorative element, as insulation, or to cover up water damage on walls.

In bathrooms, wainscotting is usually installed on the bottom half of the wall but can be installed at any height, depending on the height of the fixtures, furniture, windows, and other bathroom design elements and it contrasts with the upper wall sections.

How To Decorate A Large Bathroom Wall
Courtesy: Intrim Group

Try bathroom wainscoting if you have a freestanding tub to protect the walls from water damage. You can also install the wainscoting on the adjacent walls to frame other bathroom features and furniture including benches and vanities.

It’s an option to match the wainscoting to your bathroom cabinetry for a cohesive bathroom interior or contrast with a dominating accent color.

5. Use Bathroom Wallpaper

How To Decorate A Large Bathroom Wall
Courtesy: Amanda West

While wallpaper is a great addition to large bathroom walls, few individuals consider using bathroom wallpaper to decorate their walls. Many prefer tiles or interior paint.

However, if you’d like to use wallpaper in the bathrooms, look for moisture-resistant options made from materials such as vinyl, fiberglass, or PVC as they will not allow moisture to permeate and can be easily wiped down after contact with water. 

Vinyl wallpapers, in particular, are most commonly used in bathrooms because they have a higher moisture resistance and can withstand splashes from a shower or bath. They are washable, waterproof, and can be cleaned with a damp cloth or sponge.

Decor Tip…

After wallpapering your bathroom walls, don’t use your shower for a few days so it settles well on the walls.

Also, keep your bathroom well ventilated to allow your walls to dry faster and to keep your wallpaper looking as fresh as possible, clean your bathroom regularly and always allow steam to escape from your shower after use.

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6. Hang Framed Bathroom Art

Art is a surefire way to decorate a large blank bathroom wall as it injects much personality. However, when hanging art in the bathroom, you have to remember that they will have to contend with steam as well. 

That’s why we recommend using only framed artwork for the bathroom, and avoiding unframed artwork like stretched canvases.

When choosing bathroom art, go for pieces that can withstand moist and humid environments. They should be professionally framed and sealed at the back to fare well as bathroom wall hangings, unlikely to mildew or warp.

7. Create a Gallery Wall

How To Decorate A Large Bathroom Wall
Courtesy: Kurilov Design

Instead of using one piece of art, paint, or wallpaper for your bathroom feature wall, you can do so with a gallery wall.

Once you’ve made a collection of framed art pieces, considering their scale and the arrangement you want, hang them in your bathroom.

Decor Tip…

Our preferred spots for hanging a statement piece of artwork or a gallery wall are above the tub to highlight it, above the towel bar, or above the toilet.

8. Decorate with Artistic Pieces

How To Decorate A Large Bathroom Wall
Courtesy: Villa Styling

Ceramic plates, glass plates, and sculptures also make durable bathroom art choices that can be hung as a gallery wall or displayed as a focal point, especially if large.

9. Or a Statement Mirror

How To Decorate A Large Bathroom Wall
Courtesy: ACV Interiors

Aside from making spaces appear larger, wall mirrors offer a tactful, stylish way to hide imperfections, maximize light, and provide a second look at your favorite accents.

Fitting in a statement mirror in a bathroom can upgrade your space’s look and feel. You can go for a sunburst accent mirror, a rectangular frameless mirror, or a round framed mirror.

How To Decorate A Large Bathroom Wall
Courtesy: Kurilov Design

Hang it above the sink, vanity, or tub for a brilliant reflection, letting the light bounce off to expand your bathroom space.

10. Floor-to-Ceiling Tiles In The Shower

How To Decorate A Large Bathroom Wall
Courtesy: Kateabt Design

Exposure to shower water can cause paint and drywall to become moldy, discolored, and have a variety of other issues over time.

How To Decorate A Large Bathroom Wall
Courtesy: HM Home

Therefore, in the bathroom, consider installing shower tiles all the way to the ceiling. Doing so keeps the shower space clean and dry, and also offers aesthetic advantages, such as making the shower appear larger and more modern.

You can then paint the rest of the bathroom and add other wall decorative items to spruce them up.

11. Mix Tiles & Paint In The Shower

Sometimes, it is not visually appealing for the shower tiles to extend all the way up. For instance, if the ceilings are extremely high, or to save on costs.

In such a case, tiling your shower space halfway and then waterproofing the paint above it is a better option.

Decor Tip…

To spruce up these walls, install a shower shelf or shower caddy to display your bath products.

12. Bring in a Bathroom Storage

How To Decorate A Large Bathroom Wall
Courtesy: Spa_Ambiente
How To Decorate A Large Bathroom Wall
Courtesy: Spa_Ambiente

The easiest way to add functionality and style to your bathroom walls is by adding beautiful vertical storage.

A bathroom floating shelf, towel bar, towel rail, or a built-in cabinet with recessed shelves will give you plenty of room to create a beautiful wall display. 

13. More Greenery

Plants in the bathroom will not only add a little style to your interiors, but they can also help purify the air and help relieve stress and anxiety.

If you’re large on wall space, consider installing a floating bathroom shelf to show off a few houseplants.

A huge floor plant can also be a nice addition to a larger bathroom that feels almost empty.

A huge potted plant not only serves as a focal point for your bathroom, but it also serves as a new, modern method to fill wasted space.

How To Decorate A Large Bathroom Wall
Courtesy: Villa Styling

You can also display hanging plants in cute jute plant baskets or design a vertical living wall indoor vertical garden. Such bring the outdoors in, offer color to a bland bathroom interior and can improve the air quality and increase oxygen.

Remember to go for plants that can thrive in low light and humidity, and require little maintenance as they are the finest for a living wall in the bathroom. Some include Devil’s Ivy, bamboo, orchid, Aloe Vera, and ferns.

14. Decorate with Lighting

How To Decorate A Large Bathroom Wall
Courtesy: Spa_Ambiente

Get creative with bathroom lighting to ensure your large walls are properly highlighted.

No matter the size of your bathroom, consider layering your bathroom lighting to enhance the design.

Look to have task lighting, ideally, bathroom lighting over a mirror, ambient lighting /downlight as the main bathroom light to illuminate the whole bathroom, and accent lighting that shows off your bathroom feature like art for a balanced interior. 

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15. Embrace the View

How To Decorate A Large Bathroom Wall
Courtesy: ACV Interiors

Sure, you could try any of these wall decor ideas for your large bathroom and call it a day—but why would you when there’s such a beautiful view to be appreciated right through the window?

All you need to do is have this wall as your backdrop and enjoy your shower!

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How To Decorate A Large Bathroom Wall

Which of these ideas to decorate a large bathroom wall would you try?