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How To Create A Spa Shower For A Tranquil Retreat 

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When it comes to having some “me” time, taking a spa shower can be the solution to wash away all your worries. But your concern could be that you have no tub.

While a bathtub is a surefire way to transform your bathroom into a serene oasis, it’s still as glamorous to have a shower enclosure for your pampering rituals.

Ideas To Create A Spa Shower For A Tranquil Retreat 
Courtesy: Ca Pietra

Have no square footage for a tub? Worry not because, with our tips and ideas, you can create an authentic spa and zen-like showering experience: 

1. Start with a Shower Enclosure

A shower enclosure for your bathroom provides a stylish and practical showering solution. Shower enclosures consist of a framed or frameless glass panel that encloses the shower area. 

It separates the dry and wet areas of your bathroom, preventing water from flooding outside the bath area and making the space more organized.

Installing a shower enclosure will definitely give your home the extra ‘wow’ factor when the time comes to sell. It will also add value as long as the shower area is properly installed.

However, this is only the case if it is for a second shower room, in addition to the en suite with a bathtub.

With a shower enclosure, you can step in and out with ease, and the steam is contained within the enclosure, creating a warm climate during your shower and ensuring your bathroom doesn’t get humid.

While there are many designs of shower enclosures available to suit any bathroom, the most common ones include:

  • A quadrant shower enclosure – a great choice for small, and tight bathrooms. They are perfect for slotting into a corner.
  • An offset quadrant shower enclosure – with one wall longer,  this enclosure is ideal when you want a larger shower area but still have your shower in a corner.
  • Square enclosures – with the same length on all four sides, they help you save space as they can be fitted onto a wall or a corner very easily and simply.
  • A rectangular enclosure – longer than a square enclosure, it gives the user more room and is ideal for long and narrow bathrooms.
  • A recessed enclosure – these are single-sided panels designed to go across a recessed shower space, featuring pivot or sliding doors for easy access. Usually, this enclosure has already been created within 3 solid walls and just a door and tray (or tiled wet room floor) are needed to create a fully enclosed space for a shower cubicle.

When choosing a shower enclosure, also consider where it will be fitted: is it in the corner or in a separate enclosed area? This will determine the type of shower tray and enclosure you need.

For example, for a shower in a central position against the wall, a d-shape shower enclosure would be needed.

It is also important to consider the thickness of the toughened glass used. The 8mm toughened glass is a premium option that offers the highest structural integrity for a frameless shower enclosure. Extremely tough and durable, it is perfect for adding luxury to any bathroom.

However, the 6mm glass is a more affordable choice yet more study than the entry-level 4mm glass.

Check if the glass has an easy-clean protective coating to make cleaning a breeze so your shower enclosure can look new for longer.

It’s not a secret that a shower enclosure is ideal for replacing a bath that’s never been really used.

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2. Or Go For A Walk-In Shower

A walk-in shower is an open shower area that does not include a shower tray, or glass panels/enclosure and has no(has a low) curb, making it possible to easily walk in.

Some walk-in showers are partially closed off with a wall or panel of glass, but others work a bit like a wet room and are completely open.

They are a great way to add minimalist contemporary design to your bathroom whilst maximizing the use of space. More so, they are more luxurious and modern.

You can choose from walk-in shower panels without a walk-in shower tray or shower trays and screens together, depending on whether you have a waste built into the floor of your bathroom or not.

But whichever walk-in shower design you choose, you can be sure it will be the stand-out piece in your bathroom.


Walk-in showers are a great option for smaller bathrooms because they give the feeling of spaciousness which is harder to achieve with a full shower enclosure.

3. Paint Your Walls White

White may be a simple color, but it is preferred because it provides such a crisp, fresh and clean aesthetic, and has the power to brighten your space.

This neutral color also provides the perfect backdrop for your bathroom decor and gives the illusion of much more space.

To create the perfect spa shower, consider white paint that is perfect for exuding a calm and spotless feel to your bathroom. Any bathroom design can easily look sleek and cleaner with white!

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4. Or Try A Moody Vibe

Ideas To Create A Spa Shower For A Tranquil Retreat 
Courtesy: Berg Interior

White is perfect for bathroom walls but a dark bathroom is even more relaxing. Dark interior colors add depth to your interiors and enhance moodiness.

Most people would not dare design their bathrooms with darker tones but the key is to play with lighting.

An easy way would be to use ambient lighting from your bathroom chandelier or downlights and accent lighting from an LED mirror and shelf lights to help infuse drama and draw the eye to any bright spots in the room.

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Ideas To Create A Spa Shower For A Tranquil Retreat 
Courtesy: KBB Magazine

Also, add taste to your interiors by going for metal accents for your bathroom accessories– think a golden mirror, brass taps, or brushed metal towel hooks.

5. Decorate with Natural Materials

Ideas To Create A Spa Shower For A Tranquil Retreat 
Courtesy: Villa Styling

Natural materials add beautiful texture to your space. Think jute, wood, rattan, bamboo, sisal, raffia, and cane.

A classic way to add natural elements to your bathroom decor is through wooden furniture-think the floating vanity. Incorporating wood within your bathroom design is definitely a great way to inject texture and warmth.

Rattan pendant lights and baskets also add a coastal vibe to your bathroom.

Ideas To Create A Spa Shower For A Tranquil Retreat 
Courtesy: Villa Styling


In an all-white bathroom, dark wood furniture can look out of place. Instead of trying to balance a deep wood stain with light, airy bathroom colors, embrace a moody palette of saturated colors.

To mean, lighter wood stains suit brighter, airy bathrooms while deeper stains suit darker bathrooms.

6. Upgrade Your Showerhead

Ideas To Create A Spa Shower For A Tranquil Retreat 
Courtesy: Villa Styling

A shower wakes you up, soothes your senses, and relaxes your body and it starts the minute you step into the water. So swap out your showerhead to turn your daily de-grime into a spa experience.

Whether you prefer a powerful spray, a gentle rain shower, or a pulsating massage, there are so many options for showerheads to choose from.

Ideas To Create A Spa Shower For A Tranquil Retreat 
Courtesy: Re Habitat

From sleek handheld units, fixed showerheads, and adjustable sprays to stand-up spas, massage showers, dual showers, and rain showers, the bathroom hardware aisle has begun to rain a torrent of tantalizing options.

To enhance your spa shower, get a good quality finish for your hardware. Due to its durability, most high-quality shower heads are made of brass – a metal that resists rust and corrosion, therefore, hassle-free because it rarely needs replacing.

Depending on your dominant decor theme, black, silver, or golden brassware could be an option.

Ideas To Create A Spa Shower For A Tranquil Retreat 
Courtesy: Ca Pietra

And one way to keep your brassware looking amazing for longer is to make sure you never use any abrasive cleaners on them and follow the manufacturer’s care guidelines – warm soapy water is usually more than enough.

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7. Install a Vanity

When redesigning your bathroom space in order to create a spa shower, a stylish new bath vanity will come in handy.

Take into account any existing features and make sure that your bathroom vanity will not disrupt the existing flow of your bathroom. But usually, the biggest decision is going to be choosing between a bathroom vanity with or without a countertop. 

We recommend going with a bath vanity with a top (specifically stone or ceramic) since it can make your renovation go a little quicker since you’re killing two birds with one stone, essentially! 

Ceramic is a great choice for countertops if you’re looking for a low-maintenance countertop while natural stones like granite and marble are large investments that offer a luxurious and elegant touch.

Good thing, they are extremely durable and stain-resistant. Just be sure to polish the stone regularly to keep it looking its best.

Also, decide whether you want a single vanity or a double vanity but the latter is perfect for a couple’s bathroom.

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Next, choose a mounting type that suits your installation preferences:

  • Freestanding vanities are secured to the wall for stability, and most of their weight rests on legs that sit on the floor, allowing for more space for cabinets and drawers and maximizing the storage beneath the sink.
  • Floating/Wall-Mounted vanities are mounted directly to the wall with an open space underneath. This sleek, modern floating style makes your bathroom look bigger and can be adjusted to whatever height is most comfortable.
  • Corner vanities are a space-saving style that is best for smaller bathrooms and 90° corners, offering storage and a flexible room layout.

You also want to consider the sink style. Undermount sinks and drop-in sinks are common because they are easy to clean and maximize counter space but the contemporary style now prefers floating/vessel sinks.

8. Add Shower Caddies

Organize your spa shower with stylish shower caddies that you can place directly in your shower for additional storage.

  • We recommend this pole shower caddy that has several space-saving layers so you will no longer have to bend over to pick up shower supplies off the floor! It has four metal wire racks to allow for water drainage while storing your shampoo, conditioner, soap, and creams while the lower hooks hold razors, washcloths, loofah, sponges, and more.
  • This hanging shower caddy is another fantastic option that fits on almost any shower head and provides the ultimate shower storage, which eliminates the need for shower shelves or a standing corner shower caddy. Its hooks and soap tray give you plenty of space for all your shower accessories and its suction cups keep it firmly in place.

Just choose one with a rust-resistant finish so it stays looking new for years of quality use.

9. Or Incorporate Ample Built-in Shower Storage

How much style and functionality can be incorporated into your spa shower? More than is apparent – at least with built-in shower storage.

While shower caddies are great, built-in storage is functional and blends seamlessly with the design of your space. Recessed niches, in particular, are set into the wall and therefore don’t take up any shower space.

They also allow you to add a pop of accent tile to your shower, making it both utilitarian and attractive.

However, they require a great deal of forethought, from ensuring that the niche is well-insulated to ensuring that the tile grade used will prevent water from settling in the niche.

Therefore, contact a bathroom remodeling professional if you want to include recessed niches in your shower.

10. And a Shower Stool

Ideas To Create A Spa Shower For A Tranquil Retreat 
Courtesy: Insideout Buxton

Small bathrooms don’t always come with the storage you need, think of built-in shower seats: so make your own by bringing in a shower stool.

A freestanding shower stool is designed to be an elegant space-saving solution to fit in any corner of your shower, or bathroom, and is great stationed both in and out of the shower.

Now, enjoy your spa shower while the stool holds everything from shampoos to toiletries to spare towels.

11. Install a Towel Bar

Whether providing a place for a wet towel to a dry or decorative towel to be displayed, a towel bar lets you add functionality and beauty to your spa shower. So, mount one safely on the wall.

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12. Add A Tub

Ideas To Create A Spa Shower For A Tranquil Retreat 
Courtesy: Studio McGee

For a pampering session, some people enjoy a nice long soak in a bubble bath while others prefer to wash up in a steamy shower.

Ideas To Create A Spa Shower For A Tranquil Retreat 
Courtesy: Berg Interior

But what if you didn’t have to choose? Then install both a tub and a shower if you have the square footage. But if your bathroom is small, then with a bathtub and shower combo, you get both!

13. Mount Your Water Closet

Ideas To Create A Spa Shower For A Tranquil Retreat 
Courtesy: Zhelnata

A wall-hung toilet will add luxury to any bathroom setting. With a concealed in-wall tank system, such a toilet takes up less space than a standard toilet, adds style, and makes it easy to clean.

14. More Plants

Ideas To Create A Spa Shower For A Tranquil Retreat 
Courtesy: Adorodecora

Yes, metallics will add glitz and glamour to your spa shower; but to inject life into your bathroom, a touch of nature is necessary.

The hanging and trailing pothos are perfect for hanging off your shower curtain rod while the large wavy leaves of bird’s nest fern can create instant jungle vibes in any space.

The snake plant, aloe vera, and spider plant are no-fuss options for potted plants on your vanity top.

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15. An Outdoor View

Amid ongoing stress and fatigue, showers are no longer just a utilitarian to-do, they’re an act of serene self-care—particularly when you take your time and add a few extra steps that transform it into a fully-realized ritual. 

That’s why a shower with a view is exactly what anyone would appreciate!

16. Go Outdoors

Ideas To Create A Spa Shower For A Tranquil Retreat 
Courtesy: Bali Interiors

There is something spectacular about showering outside. Think of a backyard outdoor shower or a luxury resort offering an experience for bathing alfresco.

It’s no lie that an open-air shower can offer an exhilarating experience that will tantalize your senses. With nature all around, the sounds of birds chirping and natural light streaming in, your summer days will be glorious!

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17. Use Premium Bath Products

To make your showers feel like an act of respite and relaxation, premium bath products will heighten the experience.

Start with a beautiful candle that not only offers a scent that makes you feel good, but it secures that ever-soothing candle-lit ambiance at night.

Also, before entering the shower, dry brush for a full gentle body massage that contributes to lymphatic drainage and increased circulation. Plus, it helps buff away dead skin cells as the first step for a full-body glow.

Now, grab your shampoo, conditioner, body scrub, and body wash, and enjoy your spa shower!