About Spas & Baths

Originated from a deep love for water and self-care for a more productive life; and adhering to the concept “Your Bathroom, An Experience”, Spas & Baths is devoted to bringing people`s wellness experiences to a new level by sharing concepts and ideas to craft and build your dream spa at home.

This will help fulfill our mission of building a unique bathroom culture.

We believe that your bath time should be a vacation. So, your space should transport you to ‘that’ place. It should offer you an experience.

And that’s why Spas & Baths is here!

Our Vision: To inspire homeowners to have a clean, inspiring, and relaxing space in their bathrooms and home spas, which translates to also a clean space in their heads.

Our Mission: We teach concepts and provide bathroom services to help you craft and build your dream home spa.

Our Goal: To bring the resort-style bathroom to your home.

Our Tagline: The Wellness Experience

Every bath space should tell a story!

About Grace Ekirapa

I am Grace Ekirapa, the Founder of Spas & Baths. Professionally, I am a Quantity Surveyor who found her purpose in Bathroom Interior & Plumbing Design.

While I’m a plumber by experience, I’m also growing my skillset in industrial and product design, specifically within the bathroom.

As a bathroom remodeler, plumber, and self-care enthusiast, I believe in the power of water to start and end my days. I enjoy showers and baths, designing and remodeling bathrooms as well as fixing plumbing problems.

For me, it’s about how better bathrooms can enhance self-care.

I hope you love it here as we walk this journey together!

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