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Is it OK To Put A Bath In A Bedroom? Here’s How To Get It Right

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Is there anything more decadent than having a luxurious free-standing bathtub just feet away from your bed? Well, many boutique hotels fit bathtubs in the bedroom and this trend is slowly creeping into homes.

Homeowners are installing free-standing roll-top baths in their bedrooms and when perfectly positioned to make the most of the views, you can draw yourself a warm bubble bath and watch the sunset as the city gradually lights up and comes to life.

Is it OK To Put A Bath In A Bedroom? Here's How To Get It Right
Courtesy: Spa Ambiente

But hey, the bedroom tub is controversial. Here’s why…

Hotels and resorts scream relaxing and romantic getaways that’s why creative layouts are essential. But in the home, not everyone is convinced. Here’s what we think…

Also referred to as the open-plan bedrooms and bathrooms or the open concept bathroom/bedroom, this design trick knocks down the bedroom wall and exposes the bathroom as-is. A floor-to-ceiling pane of frosted glass is also used at times.

While this hotel-inspired design has been trending, it can be a bit jarring to use the bathroom without privacy, and that’s been the biggest barrier for people to overcome.

Even if it’s your master bedroom, sometimes, even couples need that privacy when using the bathroom. It’s less practical to be bathing and your partner is watching you at all times.

It is also highly impractical unless you are living in your master suite alone. If your significant other comes in to take a shower after you go to sleep, you are going to hear and see every single thing going on next to you… lights and all. 

Another everyday caveat is the puddles from splashing water. That’s why a bath in the bedroom is also not so great for family living and splashing children unless it’s one of the many bathrooms within the home.

Yes, it can be manageable as far as design caveats go but the key is to make sure your bedroom is actually optimized for bathing (scroll below to learn how).

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Is It OK To Put A Bath In A Bedroom?

Yes, it is okay to put a bath in a bedroom, especially if you have the square footage for it.

But there are many practical considerations to ensure your project is a success. Here’s how to do it right:

1. Consider Plumbing & Electrical Requirements First

Is it OK To Put A Bath In A Bedroom? Here's How To Get It Right
Courtesy: Foxnahem

Bathrooms have zones, specifying the type of electrical equipment that can be installed in each area. Therefore, we recommend the services of a Part P licensed electrician when installing electrics in a bathroom to ensure the installation is up to standard.

Consult an electrician to check that the electrics surrounding your bath are up to code, as this may affect where you put your tub. Note, under a chandelier isn’t just as romantic as it sounds!

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Also, ensure you have the right plumbing installation and a plumber will ensure the installation meets the required plumbing standards and any local laws which will govern how the bath must be installed.

A key consideration, even in your bedroom, includes a water seal that prevents sewer gases from coming through the waste opening and into the bedroom. This is important in helping to protect your bedroom from being filled with this gas.

So, it’s important that the waste pipe underneath the bath is connected correctly to prevent sewer gases from emerging through the grated opening.

It’s also wise to use your tub on a regular basis. Running water through your drain allows the waste trap to properly fill up with water again and effectively block those smells from perpetrating your bedroom.

If the drain is not flushed with water regularly, the water in the trap can dry out and allow sewer gasses to come up. Even if not using the tub frequently, a weekly flush with a gallon of water will keep the trap full.

Is it OK To Put A Bath In A Bedroom? Here's How To Get It Right
Courtesy: Spa Ambiente

While your plumber will be familiar with these regulations, it’s critical for a designer and homeowner to be aware of them because they will influence the placement of the feature bath in the bedroom.

Yes, you may prefer it in a specific corner or center, but your plumber may suggest a suitable location to guarantee that the installation is code-compliant.

Usually, proper installations are done for new constructions that will allow the new waste pipes to be installed properly, however, a renovation may necessitate some investigative work on the current sewer placement.

Designer Tip…

Is it OK To Put A Bath In A Bedroom? Here's How To Get It Right
Courtesy: Catch PoleandRye

Do you need a floor drain for your bath in a bedroom?

No. You don’t need a floor drain for your bath in the bedroom as it can be aesthetically non-pleasing within your decor. In this case, you can choose a bathtub with an overflow drain that allows for excess water to overflow.

But if you prefer your tub looking all sleek and clean, such as a freestanding or clawfoot tub that looks better without an overflow drain, you can install a floor drain instead, but insurance and building code considerations should be factored into your decision.

However, we don’t recommend having a floor drain in an open-plan bedroom/bathroom as it can distract your decor. Unless, your bathtub is placed in a wetroom within your bedroom, also, ensure water and electricity don’t mix (scroll down for ideas)

2. Put the Bedroom Tub In The Couple’s Bedroom

Is it OK To Put A Bath In A Bedroom? Here's How To Get It Right
Courtesy: Spa Ambiente

A statement-free-standing bedroom tub would be well-suited to a vacation home. But if you’d want to bring it home, it would clearly suit the couple’s bathroom.

The master bedroom in your house has more floor space available than your main bathroom, so if you have both the square footage for it left after your bedroom decor and a stunning view, then consider indulging and installing a bedroom tub in the couple’s bedroom.

Also considering your design style, do careful bathtub purchasing to determine whether to go with a freestanding or recessed bathtub.

While the natural impulse would be to go with a freestanding bathtub proudly positioned right in front of a huge window, this might not be workable for all bedrooms considering the design style.

As your bedroom is probably already the most private room in your house, choose a 2-person freestanding tub or a double-ended soaking tub with contoured ends for the perfect romantic getaway for the two of you.

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3. Partition Your Space

Is it OK To Put A Bath In A Bedroom? Here's How To Get It Right
Courtesy: Balicka Design

To prevent puddles so you can protect the bedroom from splashing water, you can create a separate ensuite that still feels like part of the bedroom.

To do so, a partition between the sleeping area and the wet area is necessary when you plan an open bathroom/bedroom design. Curtains are the simplest way to do so but glass partition walls are modern and super fashionable.

Is it OK To Put A Bath In A Bedroom? Here's How To Get It Right
Courtesy: JHLDesign

For much privacy, frosted glass would be needful. Other options include a stud wall made of wood or brick as the perfect backdrop for your vanity or bathtub.

Such partitions help break up the space and create dedicated zones for your bedroom and bathroom. One is enough but several stud walls to even help separate the vanity area from the walk-in shower, and the bath area from the bedroom is ideal.

Is it OK To Put A Bath In A Bedroom? Here's How To Get It Right
Courtesy: Spa Ambiente

Privacy screens are also popular. From pocket doors to sliding screens, you can have the best of both worlds from an open-plan ensuite. While they don’t completely conceal the bathroom from view from the bedroom, they offer a slight relief and sense of intimacy for the space when in use.

Design Tip…

To help define the wet area of your bedroom-bathroom, as well as the flooring, why not make your partition a feature wall? Here are amazing ideas to create a feature wall in your bathroom.

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4. Raise the Floor

To make your bath stand out, build a raised plinth area to accommodate the bathtub. This creates a distinction between your bedroom and the wet area.

However, take note that even as you raise the floor slightly, the bath must be installed on a flat, stable surface because they are heavy, think about 200 kg when empty and much more when full.

This could be a problem if your room is upstairs so you must ensure that the soil can support the extra weight.

5. Zone With Distinctive Flooring

Is it OK To Put A Bath In A Bedroom? Here's How To Get It Right
Courtesy: Spa Ambiente

A raised floor is a nice way to zone your bathroom but a more cost-effective and more practical way would be to zone with distinctive flooring.

Consider a tiled or vinyl floor beneath the bathtub that demarcates the sleeping and bathing areas perfectly. Think checkerboard tiles for a more masculine, traditional look, while a pretty floral pattern is great for a girlie decor.

While wood is an attractive option, real wood will warp with moisture so an alternative is porcelain tiles that look just like real wood. That way, you could create the look you want with added practicality. Your designer will advise what would work best here.

NOTE: Avoid carpeted areas around the bathtub as it is not suitable for water splashes and may start to get moldy or rot.

6. Opt for a Walk-in Shower

Incorporating a shower into the bedroom is one of the simplest ways to achieve the open concept bedroom-bathroom experience.

A stunning, walk-in shower would make a signature statement in your space, more so, if it is intended to feel like a natural extension of the bedroom. Again, check with your designer, plumber, and electrician to meet all the design considerations for your safety.

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7. Consider Storage

A beautiful freestanding bathtub in the bedroom may look amazing, but where do you put your toiletries?

A small side table or a bathtub caddy is an option, but having both of them may be a better solution.

8. Seamless Decor

To create an open-plan bedroom/bathroom space that looks cohesive and flows, use similar tones, shades, and textures in your decor.

An example would be to match your metals around the room or match your bedding.

9. Maintain Your Bath in the Bedroom

Apart from regular cleaning, it is important to consider if will you be able to handle bath odors in the bedroom.

After some time, a drain smell can become prevalent from the bath drain and it’s caused by a mix of soap, hair, and matter that settles at the bottom of the drains.

Hence, drain maintenance is mandatory so you don’t have to live with that smell in the bedroom. Most people will use drain cleaners.

Also, ensure proper ventilation in your bedroom since a large body of water in a badly ventilated bedroom will inevitably generate condensation, potentially prompting dampness and mold. To solve this, have your windows open when you are using your bath or install an extractor fan.

Is it OK To Put A Bath In A Bedroom?

Having a bath in the bedroom is truly a lifestyle choice and not advisable if you only have one bathroom in your home.

Simply because there will be times when you wish wash up in privacy, but on other ocassions, this would be a romantic and luxurious bedroom treat!